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Roland SE-02 Ableton Live Controller

SE-02 Controller is a M4L midi device that enables control of the Roland SE-02 analog synthesizer in Ableton Live.

The layout of the controller places an emphasis on exploration and sound design by re-organizing the sections and clearly highlighting the current setting of each parameter.

All of the SE-02's internal patches are included, so the dials are synched and will reflect the parameter values of the internal patches.

Feature Highlights

  • The SE-02's internal presets are accessed using the patch and bank selector buttons. Note that Banks A, B, C, and D are supported. The USER bank is not currently supported. Store an additional 40 user-defined presets using the Presets controller. All presets can be stored and retrieved from a file. You can view the complete listing of all internal patches along with the their names and parameter values at https://bit.ly/3eCcrwo

  • Descriptions are provided for each parameter.

  • All parameters can be controlled using an Ableton Push control surface.

  • Easily select a random combination of oscillator settings.

  • Patch morphing feature to gradually transition between 2 patches using the slider. See https://youtu.be/j-vPlay_Rl0 for a demo.

Additional features waiting for you to discover. (Hint: The R in ADSR)

Additional documentation can be found in https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YANfPz_dW1izDKwcqvBZHYGC1ZC99h21Ii8BwHRUgJY/edit?usp=sharing

New in Version 1.2

Morphing Presets

The morphing feature allows you to gradually transition between 2 patches using the slider. The patches must be stored in the LOCAL bank, using patch 1 and 2. This provides yet another tool for sound design. Start with assigning any of the built-in SE-02 patches and save 2 patches you want to morph between to the LOCAL 1 and 2 patch positions. Use the slider to hear how the combined patches create a new sound. Save the new morphed patch to another LOCAL bank position such as patch 3 and you’ll have a completely new patch to add to your canvas.

New in Version 1.1

  • New controllers to shift the pitch of notes played by the SE-02. This is the Octave and Transpose settings that are accessible in the SE-02 device's Patch Mode.

  • Patch names for all of the SE-02's internal patches are displayed.

  • New MIDI filter section enables control over whether MIDI messages received in the Ableton Live track are routed from the track's input to the track's output. By default all MIDI messages are filtered to avoid picking up program changes and CC messages from other external MIDI devices being used for keyboard input.

Demo Videos

  • Video shows how the on screen parameter values track the internal patch values as you switch between internal patches -  https://youtu.be/i4f_KENo3Gw

Release History

7/15/2020 Version 1.0

7/17/2020 Version 1.0.1 Corrects a defect where changing the bank number in the controller ignored the selected patch and loaded patch #1 instead. The fix updates the controller to display the parameter values for the loaded patch.

8/8/2020 Version 1.0.2 Current bank and program number are set correctly when saving and reloading an Ableton Live Set.

8/8/2020 Version 1.0.3 Current bank and program number are initialized correctly when loading a default set in Ableton Live.

8/12/2020 Version 1.0.4 Current bank, program number, and manual changes to parameter values that were saved to a Live Set are initialized correctly when reopening the Live Set.

8/15/2020 Version 1.05 Complete overhaul of the way banks and programs selections are synchronized.

10/2/2020 Version 1.1 New Pitch and MIDI control features. Support for displaying the names of the SE-02's internal patches.

9/16/2021 Version 1.2 New patch morph feature to gradually transition between 2 patches using a slider.

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Roland SE-02 Ableton Live Controller

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